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10 strategic questions before choosing a cleanroom

Are you looking for a temporary cleanroom solution, or rather a permanent solution? A cleanroom that needs to be upgraded and expanded in the future? A CAPEX or OPEX investment? Which ISO classification is required?

These are just some of the questions you must ask yourself in order to make the correct cleanroom decision.  With our range of modular and pre-engineered rental cleanroom solutions, we will provide you with the most appropriate cleanroom environment for your process. All our rental cleanroom solutions come with integrated high-performance HEPA H14 filtration technology, commissioning and validation activities to verify that regulatory requirements are met.

The list of questions below will guide you in your search for a new cleanroom. Read and think about them carefully.

1.  Will the cleanroom be for permanent or temporary use?

2.  Will the cleanroom be used for a particular project?

3.  Will the cleanroom still be of use for you after the planned rental period?

4.  Is a short delivery timeline for the cleanroom important?

5.  What is the budget that can be made available?

6.  To what extent is cashflow important?

7.  What is the cost of renting a cleanroom compared with internal profitability?

8.  How dynamic is your business environment?

9.  Do you need flexibility in order to respond to changing market conditions?

10.  How will you manage cleanroom disposal at the end of use?

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