Use Case SteriCube, Gent, bio technology, production process

Manufacturing of biobased products

  • Rapid construction
  • Ability to integrate the unit into existing space
  • Transport to site
  • Flexible facility that can handle multiple products
  • ISO7 cleanliness
  • Data collection for cleanroom insights

Why SteriCube?

Modular facilities have demonstrated tremendous potential in several fields and interest in SteriCube facilities has risen amongst manufacturers within different industries.

This is primarily due to the fact that SteriCube units are built off-site and can then be assembled into fully functional entities. They have a much shorter time-to-run than traditional sites and it is more efficient to install a pre-fabricated SteriCube than to build a structure from scratch on-site.

Final qualification and validation are carried out to ensure smooth production start-up without interrupting the manufacturing process for an unnecessary long period.

Off-site built pre-engineered
mobile cleanroom

  • Mobile unit to be easily relocated if needed
  • Flexible and configurable design
  • Possible integration of the unit into existing spaces
  • Scalable concept with shorter timelines for clonable sites
  • Cleanable epoxy flooring & wall
  • Robust, antimicrobial aluminum structure
  • Repurposable unit
  • Rent or buy option (reduction of financial risk)
  • CAPEX or OPEX investment