How configurable do you think
mobile cleanroom design can be?

Our purpose?

Make cleanroom technology
accessible in the world through
a modular & pre-engineered
configure-to-order approach.

SteriCube ONE

SteriCubeONE is a Plug&Play pre-engineered mobile cleanroom unit particularly developed forISO6 and ISO7 cleanliness classifications, mainly for temporary use or with the aim to start smal and expand later on.

SteriCube VELOX

SteriCube VELOX consists of a combination of pre-engineered mobile SteriCube units that allows a variety of possible configurations. It is based on the same HEPA filtration technology as standard SteriCube units and it is a more suitable solution for large-scale applications.

SteriCube HOSPIX

In order to comply with the rapidly changing regulations concerning the preparation of medicines in hospital pharmacies, we have developed HOSPIX. This mobile pharmacy ensures that hospitals can develop their cytostatic and sterile preparations in cleanrooms in accordance with the strict GMP-guidelines. 

SteriCube Lab2CUBE

To fight diseases such as COVID-19 and SARS, an increasing amount of High Safety Labs is needed. In the bio-pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, it is extremely important to respond quickly and adequately to changing cleanroom requirements. Lab2Cube is a mobile laboratory for biological pathogens that meet all the necessary quality requirements.

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how we do this?



Founded in 1996, ABN Cleanroom Technology has many years of experience in wide-ranging industries. Our R&D team and innovation driven culture help us stay ahead in modular & pre-engineered cleanroom design.


Circular design approach

In a focus shift from a linear ‘take-make-dispose’ model to a circular model, pre-engineered and modular concepts are the key to success. Circular thinking involves the reuse of materials, data and knowledge.



With a Design - Build - Finance - Maintenance approach, our services range way further then only building a cleanroom. Our OPEX model allows us to offer you a cleanroom-as-a-service all-in model.


V-Model for solid project management

Our V-model approach according to EN15643 considers the DQ, IQ and OQ to ensure smooth production start-up. We guarantee efficient project execution and cleanroom usage, without overlooking its demolition phase.


The intelligence of things

Wondrous things happen when smart is embedded into cleanroom environments. Industry 4.0 integration allows your cleanroom to connect, interact and deliver greater capabilities, efficiencies and experiences.