SteriCube is a unique pre-engineered mobile unit that can be divided into a technical room, a classified space, a personnel and material airlock thanks to its flexible design. The technical room typically contains the HVAC technology and the access point for utilities. Filtered air, conform the end-users requirements, is blown into the classified space, PAL and MAL via a ceiling plenum. 

The high performance HEPA filter technology makes the SteriCube ideal for pharmaceutical and microbial applications, automotive, micro-electronics and manufacturing processes in the food industry.



SteriCubePLUS consists of a combination of pre-engineered mobile SteriCube units that allows a variety of possible configurations. It is based on the same HEPA filter technology and a more suitable solution for large-scale applications:

  • Container-based units are stacked on each other and interconnected to form an entire facility;
  • SteriCubePLUS units are completely built off-site as three-dimensional structure;
  • Prequalification and full functionality testing -Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)- before delivery is included;
  • SteriCubePLUS units have a maximum scalability up to 300 m².
"Our vision is to enable Cleanroom Technology through a modular way of thinking.  We believe we now have the fundamantal pillars in place to deploy  the next ‘Cleanroom Era’, the era of pre-engineered cleanroom construction.  Why? Because pre-engineered acting results not only in faster delivery times, but also in higher quality and greater cost efficiency.”
Jo Nelissen
founder ABN Cleanroom Technology

SteriCube features

Filter and ventilation technology with integrated air conditioning technology

Integrated HVAC technology

Advanced remote control system

Epoxy / vinyl inner surface

Aluminium doors & windows

Inter-lock door system

Stericube - 200m² prefabricated modular design_LR

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